Roanoke Completes Work on Hawthorne Place Apartments

Roanoke Completes Work on Hawthorne Place Apartments

October 4th , 2023

The Roanoke team has completed a major renovation project at the largest affordable housing
complex in Missouri. First built in 1967, Hawthorne Place Apartments in Independence, MO is comprised
of 745 units and currently houses nearly 2,000 residents. Over two and half years, Roanoke completed
renovations to all residential units as well as renovations and a 4,000 square foot addition to the
community building.

Two story brick apartment building

The $30 million ($40,000 per unit) renovation required a complex tracking system for
individualized scopes of work for each unit. Upgrades included new energy efficient appliances, flooring,
cabinets, countertops, all entry and select interior doors, electrical and plumbing fixtures, heating and
hot water equipment, and improved ventilation. Thirteen apartments were converted to fully accessible
ADA units. Additionally, site improvements including sidewalks, parking lots, and a new playground were

Photo of kitchen with brown cabinets and a dark brown table and chairs

The $3 million renovation and addition to the community building includes new offices and
meeting spaces, as well as a courtyard and skylight. Management staff, community partners, and
residents all provided input into the building’s design. The building houses a daycare, computer lab, food
pantry, the Community Services League, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, and a Financial
Opportunity Center.

Photo of team members in front of building

Hawthorne is owned and operated by a Boston-based non-profit, Preservation of Affordable
Housing (POAH). The renovation was funded by both public and private support.