Making our communities better.

Our Approach

Led by longtime players in the affordable housing and construction and development industry, the Roanoke Construction team is proud to actively contribute to the well-being of the midwestern region each day. We see our job as that of making our communities better, so in addition to managing active construction sites, we also scout deals, flag potential property enhancement opportunities for our clients, and connect players to help make the right deals happen for the benefit of families in need of homes across our communities.

Our commitment to continued relationships with diverse subcontractors is another important cornerstone of our operation. As the project’s General Contractor, we never take our project leadership position for granted. We serve our clients as their construction leader and champion, while also serving our subcontractors as their managers, collaborators, and even mentors.

Whether the project is a new retail build-out or the renovation of a large multifamily residential complex, budget and schedule are always our top priorities, just like they are yours. Our strategic size helps us to keep our pricing lower than that of many of our competitors, and we creatively troubleshoot any changing market conditions or supply chain challenges that may arise mid-stream. We also provide significant experience in the financing of all types of projects, including a long history of work with the Missouri Housing Development Commission and state housing finance agencies in many other states as well.