Kevin Buchek



Kevin Buchek


Kevin Buchek has dedicated his career to leading impactful, community-oriented construction and real estate development projects around the Midwest and St. Louis regions. He founded Roanoke Construction in 2012 with a deep base of knowledge and experience gained over the preceding 15 years of hands-on industry experience. Initially working in the industry as a laborer, Kevin returned to construction after law school as in-house counsel for a mid-sized construction firm. At this firm, E.M. Harris Construction Company, he went on to be promoted five times and ultimately named President and CEO, leading the business successfully through the 2008-2009 recession.

As President of Roanoke, Kevin’s focus has long extended beyond construction to development more broadly, particularly to advance community revitalization efforts. Throughout this experience he has enjoyed positive working relationships with officials at all levels of state and local government, even serving as a Mayor himself for several years. Kevin’s efforts in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in construction have been acknowledged with several awards and are a hallmark today of Roanoke’s philosophy and community commitment.